About Me

I am interested in Computational and Applied Mathematics__ and would like to study mathematical theory and develop numerical methods based on applications in Condensed Matter Physics, Mechanics and Medical Science. I am advised by Prof Luskin at UMN and most of my interests go into numerical analysis, applied analysis, probability related to quantum material and quantum technology.

For scientific computing, I am interested in applying new computational tools including AI, supercomputers as well as quantum computer to solve scientific problems.

I am organizing a QEC seminar to understand how close is fault-tolerant quantum computer to our life during Summer 2024 and Spring 2024. Will be interested in organizing a seminar on first principle modeling for many body in Fall 2025.

Research Focus of this month:

  1. TMD

  2. Quantum Algorithms

Inspired by working with scientists, advances in HPC and advances in experimental physics, I believe the high quality quantum data is gradually available and how to use these quantum data smartly could be a task to look into:

  1. ML for Electronic Structure: DFT and ab initio methods with Machine Learning

Looking for applied math postdoc positions starting Fall 2025. Main targets are problems related to numerical analysis, machine Learning, quantum many body for materials and quantum algorithms. Also interested in Mathematical Physics related topics.