About Me

I am interested in Computational and Applied Mathematics and would like to study mathematical theory and develop numerical method based on applications involved in Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Computing + Information, Mechanics, and Medical Science. Currently as a fifth year Math PhD Candidate, I am advised by Prof Luskin at University of Minnesota, Twin Cites. I am in general interested in numerical analysis, applied analysis, probability theory related to quantum material science and technology as well as some interest in modern geometry and number theory.

I am recenlty working on(preprint has been or will be out soon):

  1. Block Encoding for many body system

  2. Learning theory for Local density of state in moire scale

  3. Quantum Dynamics for Twisted Bilayer graphene and Aperiodic system in general

Moreover, I start to works on HPC and DFT recently:

  1. DFT for Twisted Bilayer Graphene